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India and Myanmar photos are finally edited and published! See them here: http://www.sam-rowley.com/p527160007


Honoured to feature in this year's Independent Schools Guide, thanks to Hampton School for all your work on this!


And we're up! After almost a year in the pipeline, Biome Productions have launched. Myself and four of my closest friends are aiming to bring Virtual Reality to the world of wildlife. So excited for the next few years.
We'd really appreciate some likes and shares to help us get up and running. 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BiomeProds
Instagram: biomeproductions
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NatureTTL have just published my article on my adventures in Madagascar and my job at the beautiful Ecolodge Chez Arol, see here - http://www.naturettl.com/the-wildlife-of-madagascars-rainforests/

Tomato frog, Dyscophus antongilii, Maroantsetra, Madagascar, July.



After 8 months in the making, it's all done and certainly one of my proudest photography/film achievements. Big thanks to 
Harry Nelder for all his help with editing and Josh for all his lemur munching sound effects. Please feel free to share! https://vimeo.com/160134587

With this, I've plonked in a new section on my website, see the 'Film' tab!


Indri, Indri Indri, Andasibe, Madagascar, September.





Many thanks to Outdoor Photography Magazine for featuring a seven page spread on my work, travels and views in this month's issue! 


A big thanks to my old school, Hampton, for inviting me back to speak to them last week! Was so great seeing all the old faces of teachers and pupils. I was even lucky enough to finally see the inner realms of the staff room, dreams do come true.

Hampton have written an article about the talk here: http://hamptonschool.org.uk/2016/02/7001/

Photo credit Sarah Dearden.


1000 likes on Facebook! a massive thanks to everyone for all your support over the last few years.



Hi all, hope you've had a lovely few days and your New Year is shaping up nicely!
Some news... Firstly, I'm delighted that my red deer image has been chosen by the Windland Smith Rice International Awards for their 20th anniversary 'Best of the Best' exhibition at the Smithsonian! Ive been told that the 100 images have been selected from over 500,000 entries from two decades, which I'm still letting sink in. 
Congrats to my other friends who deservedly stand up there: Joe Sulik, Ashleigh Scully, Jess Findlay
 and a big thanks to Joe for the photos. 
And secondly, I had some articles published (last ones, I promise) on Christmas eve challenging people to 'spot the animals hidden within the photos.' Can you find them?



Madagascar photos are finally up! please see here:  http://www.sam-rowley.com/p582239145

Coquere's sifaka, Propithecus coquereli, Anjajavy, Madagascar, August.


Was interviewed by BBC One's Points West this evening about my Kermit (leaf-tailed gecko) photo and my Madagascar trip as a whole! Many thanks to them for having me on.


My gecko/Kermit the frog story is in some of today's national newspapers and on their websites. And on the same day my separate chameleon photo story in the New York Post! So cool for me to see some of my Madagascar stuff in print.
Please see best online article in Daily Mail here:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3240819/Shhhh-m-hiding-Miss-Piggy-bulging-eyes-skinny-limbs-foot-long-gecko-dead-ringer-Kermit-Frog.html

Big thanks to the amazing Ecolodge chez AROL for helping me get these shots!



Probably the last of my published Galapagos Islands stories, very proud for it to be on the BBC Wildlife Magazine website! 


My Galapagos waving whale sequence has made it into the Mail Online today!


Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, Genovesa, Galapagos, Ecuador, August.


My first exhibition is up and running! 6 of my Richmond Park deer shots are up for the world to see as part of Will's Art Warehouse's Summer Show in Putney until September 2nd. As you can see from the photo I'm very pleased.


One step further to the dream...
For the first time I've managed to somehow get into the final round of Wildlife Photographer of the Year's Rising Star category! (as well as 2 single images in other adult categories). I haven't made the final exhibition cut but definitely on the right track.
Will really try to expand and improve this portfolio with Madagascar shots I'll be taking over the summer!


I've recently been invited to work with Wildscreen Exchange, an exciting new project providing free and affordable digital media to conservation organisations. I'm delighted to say that they are using a number of my images as part of the scheme. 
As part of the launch, they're currently holding a free exhibition - 'Fragile,' running in Bristol throughout this month at The Grant Bradley Gallery, Bedminster. This will be displaying many of the conservation issues that face our planet, whilst also showing their potential success - definitely worth a look!
To learn more about the project please watch this short video presented by Sir David Attenborough himself: 


Cameron's strongest contender for today's front page; some of my cheesy Galapagos shots of sea lions snoozing on Puerto Villamil's benches appeared in the Daily Mail and The Times today, as well as their websites! 
See the full article here: 
Many thanks to Solent News for helping me get my story out there!


Delighted with finally getting some of my stuff up in local galleries, here's one of my stag shots up at Sheen Living in Richmond. 
The shop has an awesome selection by local photographers and artists, perfect if you fancy some new wall decor! Alternatively I still have a massive choice of products on my website.


Outdoor photography magazine has just released a 5 page spread on my Galapagos adventures! always a thrill to see your stuff in print.


I was lucky enough to head to Whistler, BC, Canada on a family skiing holiday over New Years (never too old for them!). Amongst intense skiing and cramming for my forthcoming exams, I found time to photograph some of the local wildlife; mainly bald eagles and grey jays. Thanks to my good friend Connor Stefanison for showing me round some of his sites!

See a few pics from my trip in my Canada album (Galleries>Overseas>Canada). 

Bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Squamish, BC, Canada, January.


My Galapagos photos are finally up online! After 60,000 photos and 2 months of sorting they're finally done. Enjoy!


Galapagos tortoise, Chelonoidis nigra, Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador, August.


Take a photo of a penguin, you get a photo for a day. Teach a penguin to take selfies, and you get them for a lifetime. 

Just got back from the Galapagos penguin/flightless cormorant expedition, and had a great time! Over 6 days we captured, measured, tagged and released over 120 penguins and 20 cormorants, obviously I basically saw the world through a lens for the whole time and had to learn deal with my new name by our Ecuadorian crew, Mr Bean. If that wasn't enough, we saw and photographed turtles, whales and hawks, and even made a potential new discovery about the cormorants. 

I’d like to thank Gustavo and the team for finding space for me on the boat at such short notice and hope that my photos have done it justice…


Very exciting news! I've just booked my flights for a 2 month adventure to the Galapagos Islands in the summer, working with the Charles Darwin Foundation (many thanks to them). Simply cannot wait. At the moment giant tortoises and the incredible urban wildlife of Puerto Ayora are on the cards, but hopefully even more opportunities await me. 


My photos and article about urban waxwings are on New Shoots blog for the day! Here's the link: http://www.nature-in-focus.de/newshoots/?p=1960 it is now in the "Gallery" section, look out for the photo below).



Bohemian waxwing feeding, Bombycilla garrulus, Ealing, London, January.


A shot from yesterday, a lapwing silhouetted against the setting sun.

My friend and I took a long overdue trip to the Isle of Sheppey. We drove down for dawn and getting there a little early, we saw 2 species of owl within the first few minutes, unfortunately whilst it was still dark. Yet again, a cheeky stoat made a mockery of our photography skills and a specific bacon and hash brown craving led us to, what seemed at the time, the finest cafe the island had to offer. Anyway, it was still a very successful day with waders showing very well on the beach and huge curlew flocks roosting in front of a perfect sunrise. 
See more pictures from the day here: http://www.sam-rowley.com/p317481111



Northern lapwing, Vanellus vanellus, Isle of Sheppey, December.


So I just found out that some bloggers somehow consider me to be among the top 20 international young photographers! flattered to say the least... http://www.finishphotography.com/top-20-young-photographers-2013/


There's a small piece on my urban wildlife photography on BBC1 News later at 6:30, filmed at the Wetland Centre. If you're watching make sure to keep an eye out for me! In other news I got my A Level results today and it turns out I'm off to study zoology at Bristol Uni next year, absolutely thrilled! 


I got back from an awesome weekend in France a few days ago, where I photographed the wildlife of the Somme estuary and received my photography award for winning the u18s category in the Festival d'Oiseaux. The awards ceremony was amazing, from dancing chickens to chatting with the legend himself Vincent Munier (pictured) and got interviewed in front of the 200 strong audience. We also took the opportunity to visit the Somme Estuary, a massive hotspot for waterfowl including spoonbills, white storks and avocets. My best photos from the weekend can be seen here: http://samrowley.zenfolio.com/p812375826 
I hope everyone had a good weekend out and about enjoying the sun!




My article in April's issue of the Outdoor Photography magazine has just been published! It's a short piece accompanied by a photo about the bearded tits' presence in Hyde Park a few weeks ago. Absolutely chuffed with being asked by such a prestigious magazine to supply material for them.




I've finally put in a shop on my website, allowing you to buy any of my photos instantly on a variety of products, from canvases to t-shirts! All products are printed to the highest quality and very reasonably priced if I may say so myself... if you're interested, click on your favourite photo and then click buy in the top right-hand corner. They're perfect for anyone wanting to be incredibly organised for Christmas 2013! I also have some greeting cards to sell (shown below), if you're interested in buying some please email me at [email protected]





First of all, apologies for not posting on here in a while due to the busyness over the last month and I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and New Year! Second of all, I've managed to squeeze in tons of photography, including 2 trips to the Isle of Sheppey, local waxwings and some bearded tits in Hyde Park! Please click on my "Recent" page to see all the pictures. Here's a small one of a lapwing on Sheppey...




Went along to the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards today at their HQ in Sussex. It was a great event, where I met many other young photographers and Bill Oddie was the surprise celebrity guest! I managed to get a Runner Up in the 16-18 category (way better than I was expecting), having been beaten by the Overall Winner.




My photos are now on Getty Images, one of the biggest and most famous stock photography websites in the world! I'm honoured to have been invited to join them. See my photos here: http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/Search/Search.aspx?assettype=image&family=creative&artist=Sam+Rowley


Just finished going through my photos from my family holiday to Thailand in October 2012! We first stayed on Phi Phi Island, where I learned to dive and have a shot at underwater photography. Highlights included being face to face with a zebra shark, swimming with turtles, and getting dangerously close to floating jellyfish. I will briefly mention that 4 macaques attacked me whilst photographing them on a beach, when I didn't have any food to offer them, but very funny to look back on. We then went to Khao Yai National Park for 4 days, where I photographed macaques, gibbons, crocodiles, deer and hornbills! Overall an amazing country with great wildlife, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of going there.

Photos are here: http://samrowley.zenfolio.com/p197631484




Gave a very enjoyable talk on urban wildlife photography at the London Wetland Centre earlier today! 




My new greeting cards arrived in the post today, looking great!

Prices are: 1 card, £2.50 and 5 cards, £10.00 (excl. postage).

Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested and they'll get to you within a few days!




Today it was announced that I am Highly Honoured in the 2012 International Windland Smith Rice Awards! with a photo of Eurasian brown bear cubs that I took in Finland last summer.

I am also having an incredible time in Thailand, coming across all sorts of exotic birds (like this mynah) and learning to dive as part of my PADI course.





I am very happy to announce I picked up a Winner and a Highly Commended in the ZSL Animal Photography Awards!

I had a great time at ceremony earlier today, and was amazed at the standard of the other winning shots. The outdoor exhibition at London Zoo is looking great at London Zoo, so if you're ever there over the next few months, take a look! 






Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been busy with exams and things. Since my last post, I've finished off my local swan family project, found a great location for very tame rabbits in Richmond Park and been up to stay a fellow photographer, Will Nicholl's house in Northumberland! All pictures up in a week or so when I get back from my DofE expedition... but just edited a few rabbits to keep all of you interested... (hopefully!)




A talk by Luke Massey and I has just been officially announced today on WWT London's website. It's on the 11th November at 2:30pm, click here for more details... http://www.wwt.org.uk/visit-us/london/things-to-see-and-do/events-calendar/2012/11/11/wildlife-photography-adventures-talk/


The mute swans on my local pond have finally successfully hatched 7 cygnets!... so I've been very busy over the last few days trying to build up a nice portfolio and build on last year's. I've made a gallery for the project that I will update every couple of days, here's the link... http://samrowley.zenfolio.com/p155295002




My photo of a reed warbler is on the London Time Out website, promoting the dawn chorus walk at the WWT London Wetland Centre!... http://www.timeout.com/london/feature/2572/dawn-chorus-day-listen-to-birdsong




Had an amazing day at the London Wild Bird Watch at the WWT London Wetland Centre, with talks from Simon King, spending time with loads of other wildlife photographers, and some great photographic opportunities including very tame goldcrests and water voles!

Goldcrest, Regulus regulus, WWT London Wetland Centre - London Wild Bird Watch 2012, April.


My interview in May's issue of the Outdoor Photography Magazine was released today! here it is...




Just got back from a school trip to Slapton Sands in Devon, such a beautiful part of the country. Somehow I managed to get up for 2 sunrises over the Ley, so here's my favourite of a great crested grebe behind a reedbed:



See more here:  http://samrowley.zenfolio.com/p317481111


I was just told that I am the Winner of the winter heat of the Welney WWT Young Photographer Competition 2011-2012! photo of the black tailed godwits flock below...




I got an email a few days ago informing me that my photo of a robin's silhouette (see below), is the Winner of the winter heat of the London WWT Young Photographer  Competition 2011-2012!




Found out today that I'm in Steve Blooms Images' 2012 calendar! my photo is on the "Marz" page (this one's in German for some reason...), of a weasel yawning at the British Wildlife Centre.



I am lucky enough to be in this month's Amateur Photographer Magazine with a small portfolio of my Richmond Park deer pictures! apologies for the bad photo...