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I'm Sam Rowley, a Bristol-based wildlife filmmaker, photographer and Bristol University biology graduate. Thank you for visiting! 


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Whilst I am never happier sitting, enjoying and absorbing the natural world in some far flung wilderness, I find it difficult to contain my compulsion to return to my friends and family to share my experiences. What better way to tell these stories than by using cameras, be they stills, film or 360?! This is what drew me into the worlds of wildlife film and wildlife photography. Picking up my first stills camera when I was only 10, I’ve since taught myself camerawork, sound and editing as tools to fully immerse my audience in my stories. Along with standard film productions, I've been involved as Director of Photography and Producer in a variety of 360 films and have been fortunate enough to win over 20 awards for my photography (including winning a category in the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year).


My photographs are an odd mix primarily dominated by wildlife from the UK, the Galapagos Islands and Madagascar - I spent two summers working as a photographer and filmmaker for organisations in the incredible wild areas that are Galapagos and Madagascar. Through these jobs for the Charles Darwin Foundation, Metropolitan Touring and Ecolodge Chez Arol, I was allowed to stay in these places for a huge period of time, granting me access to some sights that have barely been seen by the outside world (let alone photographed). 

My photos have cropped up in places such as:

-The Wildlife Photographer of the Year annual competition

-The Smithsonian & Natural History museums

-BBC Breakfast & BBC Points West (separate pieces on my photography)

-BBC Wildlife Magazine & Outdoor Photographer Magazine

-Tabloid newspapers

-Exhibitions in Wills Art Warehouse and Sheen Living