Film - Madagascar's Last Paradise


Sam Rowley goes on an adventure to Masoala National Park and presents the extraordinary lives of six unique species that are only found in Madagascar. Reminders of the threats to the biodiversity are included, highlighting the dangers that even Madagascar’s last paradise (Masoala) is facing. With the primary aim of raising awareness of the obliterated state of Madgascar’s wildlife, this film uses Masoala to illustrate the natural beauty of what it once was, and what it still can be in the future with help from public awareness and subsequent conservation.
Shot on a Nikon D7100.
Edited by Harry Nelder.




After deciding on Madagascar as a destination, I contacted countless ecotourism lodges in Madagascar offering myself as a promotional photographer in exchange for free board and lodging. Following some interest, I decided to work for Ecolodge Chez Arol in Masoala National Park for 3 and a half weeks. After sorting out the trip, I researched, planned and scripted the entire film. Whilst in Masoala, I worked as a sole cameraman and presenter, whist constantly changing the story and script on a day to day basis as new challenges presented themselves. On returning to the UK, I produced the film, oversaw the editing and helped with foley and music. Despite my experience in photography, wildlife and travelling, this was my first film.